Supported 8390 Ethernet.

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The following 8390 based Nubus and PDS cards are supported by the mac8390 (version 0.6 2003-06-11) driver available in kernels since approx 2.4.21. Nubus cards were tested on a PowerMac 7100 where they appear as eth0 and the onboard Ethernet will appear as eth1. PDS cards were tested on a Performa 6290. Driver maintainer is Ray Knight

Description Type
Apple 670-0205 NuBus
Apple/3Com 670-0210 NuBus
Asante MacCon MC3NB NuBus
Asante MacCon MCiLC PDS
Asante MacCon MCNB NuBus
Cabletron DNI E6100 NuBus
DaynaPORT E/II NuBus
E-410 NuBus
Farallon Ethermac II PN590a-TP NuBus
Farallon Ethermac LC PN592a-TP PDS
Farallon EtherWave PN890a-TP NuBus
Farallon EtherWave LC PN892a-TP PDS
Shiva Etherport-II NuBus
Sonic Systems A-Series NuBus
Sonic Systems LC PDS
Technology Works NuBus

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Last updated on December 27, 2003